A Sunny Sunday

Sunday Breakfast

I must confess that I have been slightly neglecting my half marathon training (and blogging about it) recently. I’ve still been heading out for a few runs each week, however, due to a number of bits and bobs going on in my life at the moment, running has often been put on the back burner. It is now 7 weeks until race day so I am feeling the pressure a little, but am confident that come the 21st September I’ll be back on form and ready to run.

After heading out for a very hot and stuffy 6.5k run yesterday, I decided to give myself a day off today. I kicked off the day with a delicious and healthy breakfast of wheatbix, oats, yogurt and berries, before heading out to Wanstead Park in order to relax with a copy of Vogue in the summer sun…perfect! I had intended to venture over to Hampstead Heath, one of my favourite London spots, however, public transport was not on my side today and unwilling to take the overcrowded bus replacement service, I decided to settle for somewhere a little more local instead.

Not that I’m complaining… Wanstead Park is a lovely spot and it’s hard to believe you’re still in London when you’re sitting surrounded by the sound of crickets chirping as opposed to the tooting of car horns. One of the best things about London is that despite it being a massive city, there are endless green spaces to choose from if you need to escape for a while. I definitely plan to explore as many of these as possible before the summer is over and with the speed this year seems to have gone at so far, I’d better get a move on!

Vogue in the Park

Wanstead Park, London

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Breakfast of the Week

Berrys, Yoghurt, Muesli and Oatbran

5) Oat Bran, Muesli & Natural Yogurt topped with Mixed Berries & Honey

So in case anyone was worried, no I haven’t just returned from my 11k run. Despite my previous concerns, I managed to successfully complete this distance in an hour and 5 minutes on Saturday morning, only losing the will to live a couple of times throughout! After a relatively painless first 50 minutes, my motivation quickly plummeted as it hit me that running for a full hour is long… I have a massive amount of respect for anyone that completes a full marathon as this must take major willpower and dedication as even running quarter of one feels like a huge achievement to me!

This week’s breakfast consisted of a few different elements. After hearing about the health benefits of oat bran I decided to invest in a packet. I can’t say it’s the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted (although I need to try using it to make porridge before coming to my final conclusion!), however when combined with a few other ingredients tastes pretty good. The main health benefit of oat bran is that it contains large amounts of fibre which is great for keeping you full throughout the morning.

I added a bit of muesli as well to mix it up then topped it off with some natural yogurt and mixed berries with honey to sweeten. I then proceeded to stir it all up in to the yogurty berry mush you can see below which may not look particularly appealing but looks can be deceiving! I actually think this has been my favourite breakfast of the week so far but then again I probably say that about all the breakfasts…

Healthy Breakfast

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Breakfast of the Week

Breakfast of the Week: Avocado & Scrambled Egg on Toast

4) Scrambled Egg & Avocado on Rye Toast

Continuing the rye bread theme, this week’s breakfast combines three of my favourite healthy ingredients; rye bread, avocado and eggs. Eggs are another great source of protein for vegetarians and avocados, despite being high in fat, are one of the most nutritious foods out there. They are a source of monounsaturated fat which is considered to be a healthy fat, and contain vitamin C which is great for boosting your immunity as well as your skin.

So far this week I have managed a grand total of one run… Not ideal but I am hoping to cram in several runs over the next few days, including an 11k run which I am just a teeny bit scared about. Although this fear is largely caused by the distance I’m going to have to run, it’s also a result of a slight concern that I am going to get lost on route and find myself unable to navigate my way home (you may laugh but this has genuinely happened to me before!)… I’m going to have to do some serious Google map inspection over the next couple of days in preparation. So, if you don’t hear from me again, it’s probably because I’m still out on a never-ending ’11k’ run, trying to work out why it’s taken me so long!

Healthy avocado

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Breakfast of the Week

Banana and peanut butter on rye bread

3) Peanut Butter & Banana on Rye Toast

Today’s breakfast was welcomed with open arms after an ‘easy run’ quickly spiralled in to a much less easy run! 35 minutes in I developed a severe stitch however, rather than give up (no way was I doing that after sacrificing an extra hour in bed for this run!) I decided the best idea would be to sprint home and get it over with as fast as possible… Cue extreme heavy breathing and an intense desire to get straight back in to my bed!

Luckily I had a delicious loaf of rye bread and pot of peanut butter waiting to soothe my pain! Rye bread is a great alternative to other less healthy forms of bread. It is 100% wheat free and high in fibre which helps you stay fuller longer. Bananas and peanut butter are also great for maintaining fullness whilst also keeping you healthy. Peanut butter contains high levels of protein which is great for vegetarians like me who often struggle to get enough of this in their diet and bananas contain potassium which apparently can prevent muscle cramp during exercise. Maybe if I’d had the banana before my run the stitch could have been avoided… next time!
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Breakfast of the Week

Porridge, banana, blueberries, walnuts & honey

2) Porridge, Banana, Walnuts, Blueberries & Honey

Breakfast number two – as you have probably guessed, I love blueberries! They are the ultimate yummy breakfast topping  and are also ridiculously good for you – double whammy! I’ll definitely be needing this to fuel me this week as according to my training plan I will be running my first 8k…. So far I have only managed just over 5k so this is going to be a bit of a leap. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!



Breakfast of the Week

Blueberries, natural yogurt and muesli make for a healthy and delicious breakfast

Anyone that knows me will know that I adore breakfast (how can you not love a meal which in my eyes is basically desert that you don’t have to feel guilty about!?… Ok… just me then!!) and have a habit of eating ‘breakfast foods’ for every meal of the day. As well as being delicious, breakfast is also essential for kick starting your metabolism, boosting energy and ensuring that you don’t end up snacking later on in the day.

I am also big on trying to convert my non-breakfast eating friends to my way of thinking, which they obviously don’t find annoying at all… It always surprises me how many people don’t eat breakfast as I genuinely don’t think I would function without it!

Anyway, this blog seems like the perfect platform for me to share with the world (slash anyone who inadvertently stumbles upon this page) a few of my favourite healthy and nutritious breakfast meals. And if I manage to convince even one person to give up their breakfast skipping ways, I’ll have achieved my goal!

 1) Muesli, Natural Yogurt & Blueberries

One of my personal favourite healthy breakfast treats; blueberries, muesli and natural yogurt provide the perfect combination to keep me energised all morning after an early running session. This was definitely required this morning after my first 5k run since my weekend away reuniting with my university gang. As you can probably imagine, the weekend was spent largely drinking, being merry and consuming a whole lot of food… I’ll have to make sure this week’s training makes up for it!

Healthy breakfast: Natural yogurt, blueberries and muesli