Race Day


I did it!!! Finally, after months of training (and just a few tears!), I can officially say that I have completed the Bristol Half Marathon 2014. My time was slightly slower than I was aiming for at 2 hours and 7 minutes but to be honest, I’m just pleased that I managed to finish!

I started the day feeling positive and with the view that I’d just try and enjoy the event no matter what the outcome… This positivity quickly dissolved, however, when after just one mile of running, I found myself with another one of my dreaded stitches which I’d been so determined to avoid. As a result of this, I spent the majority of the race in great discomfort not exactly loving life!! This discomfort wasn’t exactly helped by the fact that after a few slightly chillier days, the sun decided to show it’s face again making for a very hot and sticky race day.

However, despite the not so perfect conditions, I still managed to finish the race in a time I’m pretty proud of. Now to start training for the next big event…




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