The Big One

I realise that it’s again been a long time since my last post… Obviously I’ve been much too busy doing lots and lots of running (not!). It’s safe to say that the training plan I sensibly printed out and stuck on to my wardrobe all those weeks ago when I first started training, has not been followed. To be honest though, I don’t think a training plan is essential when training for a half marathon. Although they provide a useful guide for what stage you should be at in your training each week, they can also cause you to give up if you feel like you’ve strayed too far from the plan which is definitely not what they are designed for!

So, rather than sticking to my original plan, I have instead been carrying out a few shorter 7k runs every week with the intention of doing at least one longer run each week (although this ‘longer run’ has become something of a rarity…). I’ve got to the point now where I actually quite enjoy my 7k runs and find them relatively painless to complete. I do however, still find it extremely difficult to force myself out the door for a ‘long run’… Today, however, I finally succeeded…

With a little gentle persuasion from my Dad and a supportive sister volunteering to join me for the first few miles (I’m back in Devon at the moment hence the handy family members), I managed to run just over 11 miles (17.7k) in an hour and 40 minutes. I’m not going to pretend it was in any way easy, in fact I think I have may have gone slightly mad at several points throughout… But, despite this, I am extremely pleased to have completed the distance as I was beginning to doubt the fact that I would survive running 13 miles. I’m still pretty nervous about the actual event but today’s run has definitely encouraged me to keep at it. And, with only a few weeks to go now, it’ll all be over before I know it… no offence to running but I can’t wait!!


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