A Sunny Sunday

Sunday Breakfast

I must confess that I have been slightly neglecting my half marathon training (and blogging about it) recently. I’ve still been heading out for a few runs each week, however, due to a number of bits and bobs going on in my life at the moment, running has often been put on the back burner. It is now 7 weeks until race day so I am feeling the pressure a little, but am confident that come the 21st September I’ll be back on form and ready to run.

After heading out for a very hot and stuffy 6.5k run yesterday, I decided to give myself a day off today. I kicked off the day with a delicious and healthy breakfast of wheatbix, oats, yogurt and berries, before heading out to Wanstead Park in order to relax with a copy of Vogue in the summer sun…perfect! I had intended to venture over to Hampstead Heath, one of my favourite London spots, however, public transport was not on my side today and unwilling to take the overcrowded bus replacement service, I decided to settle for somewhere a little more local instead.

Not that I’m complaining… Wanstead Park is a lovely spot and it’s hard to believe you’re still in London when you’re sitting surrounded by the sound of crickets chirping as opposed to the tooting of car horns. One of the best things about London is that despite it being a massive city, there are endless green spaces to choose from if you need to escape for a while. I definitely plan to explore as many of these as possible before the summer is over and with the speed this year seems to have gone at so far, I’d better get a move on!

Vogue in the Park

Wanstead Park, London

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