Rough Patch


Despite consuming a pre-workout banana this morning as recommended by the internet, I still developed a horrible stitch 20 minutes in to my run and in spite of my best efforts to ignore it, I was forced to stop and walk several times throughout the 45 minutes I was out. I definitely think I’m going through a running rough patch at the moment. Well, at least I hope it’s just a rough patch and not the beginning of the end of my short-lived running career…

It’s easy to get disheartened and very tempting to give up after a few unsuccessful runs, however the prospect of running 13 miles in 9 weeks is definitely keeping me going despite my general lack of enthusiasm. I fully recommend to anyone who is trying to get in to running to sign up for an event. It doesn’t have to be anything major, but it’ll really help keep you focused when the thought of yet another run leaves you cold. Anyway, I’m hoping that this rough patch in my occasionally rocky relationship with running will be short lived. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion this won’t be the end for us just yet!

Ps. Excuse the random banana image, I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to get that one in despite the slightly tenuous link!

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3 thoughts on “Rough Patch

  1. I get really bad abdominal pain if I run in the morning but if I run late morning, or even better – in the afternoon then I don’t seem to suffer (as long as I haven’t drunk too much water before hand which brings on stitches).
    Good luck with your training 🙂

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