Breakfast of the Week

Berrys, Yoghurt, Muesli and Oatbran

5) Oat Bran, Muesli & Natural Yogurt topped with Mixed Berries & Honey

So in case anyone was worried, no I haven’t just returned from my 11k run. Despite my previous concerns, I managed to successfully complete this distance in an hour and 5 minutes on Saturday morning, only losing the will to live a couple of times throughout! After a relatively painless first 50 minutes, my motivation quickly plummeted as it hit me that running for a full hour is long… I have a massive amount of respect for anyone that completes a full marathon as this must take major willpower and dedication as even running quarter of one feels like a huge achievement to me!

This week’s breakfast consisted of a few different elements. After hearing about the health benefits of oat bran I decided to invest in a packet. I can’t say it’s the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted (although I need to try using it to make porridge before coming to my final conclusion!), however when combined with a few other ingredients tastes pretty good. The main health benefit of oat bran is that it contains large amounts of fibre which is great for keeping you full throughout the morning.

I added a bit of muesli as well to mix it up then topped it off with some natural yogurt and mixed berries with honey to sweeten. I then proceeded to stir it all up in to the yogurty berry mush you can see below which may not look particularly appealing but looks can be deceiving! I actually think this has been my favourite breakfast of the week so far but then again I probably say that about all the breakfasts…

Healthy Breakfast

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