Running Brighton



This morning I wound up the week’s running with the third unsuccessful run of the week. Reluctance to forfeit my first proper lie in since the previous weekend combined with the fact that I had been up late the night before scoffing garlic bread and houmous (blaming the boyfriend for that one) and had woken up with a severe food hangover, meant that I’d pretty much accepted that the run wasn’t going to be the greatest before I’d even left the house.

It’s a shame really that the run wasn’t more of a success considering the location was a whole lot prettier than the East London streets I’ve become accustomed to running along. Since my boyfriend moved to Brighton last year, I’ve become a regular visitor and have got to know the city reasonably well. I’ve always thought it’d be a great place to train for a half marathon. There is a whole variety of different parks and of course the seafront which provides the perfect setting for a morning jog.

As I wasn’t feeling particularly energetic this morning, I chose to run to the pier and back which is around 6.5k – not quite the 60 minute run that my training plan recommended however better than nothing I guess. I must confess, I did have a slight relapse in to my giving up ways and may have allowed myself to stop and walk a couple of times (obviously I just had to take a moment to soak up the view – nothing to do with it being too hard…) Oh well, with over two months to go until the half marathon, I’m not particularly concerned about one bad week. I’ll just have to work a bit harder next week to make up for it… Can’t wait!


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