Escape to the Country

Bantham Beach

Barbed wire

Village Inn

This weekend, after several months away, I finally got round to heading back home to South Devon to visit my family. It’s always a relief to get back to the countryside after a long period away. As much as I love London, it can be pretty exhausting, and sometimes a couple of days in the country is just what you need in order to clear your head.

Although I didn’t get round to doing any running this weekend (too busy catching up with the family/ taking advantage of a cupboard filled with delicious food!), I did manage to get out for a couple of walks.

On Saturday morning we headed out to Bantham Beach which has to be one of my favourite beaches in Devon. I’ve grown up with the beach nearby and often in the past have been guilty of taking it for granted however, despite having visited it countless times in the past, a trip to Bantham on a sunny day still has the power to make me feel like I’m on holiday. Our walk took us up along the coastline round towards Thurlestone, finishing at The Village Inn where we all indulged in a pint – possibly not great for the body but definitely good for the mind!!


On Sunday we again ventured out to one of my favourite parts of Devon, Dartmoor National Park. The views in Dartmoor are incredible and again have the power to make me feel that I’ve left the UK behind in favour of somewhere much more exotic. Our walk took us around Burrator Reservoir and saw us clambering up a tor (well half way up!)… I might not have been running this weekend but the walking and climbing definitely made up for this!

I’d recommend South Devon to anyone planning a countryside holiday in the UK. Although I can’t promise fantastic weather (we did get drenched several times throughout the weekend!), there are plenty of amazing beaches and beautiful views that more than make up for this. Just make sure you pack a raincoat!

Burrator Reservoir


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2 thoughts on “Escape to the Country

  1. Looks like you had a lovely weekend Rosie. Your mum has just sent me the link to your blog and I am enjoying reading it. I think you have a really readable style of writing – it feels just as though you are chatting to me!

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