Giving Up on Giving Up

So this morning I finally ran 8k. I had already made an attempt to run this distance earlier in the week however, despite meticulously planning my route beforehand, I still managed to take a wrong turning which turns out to have significantly reduced the distance of the run. Despite this I didn’t actually realise that I hadn’t in fact run 8k until later in the day when I logged in to Map My Run and was disappointed to discover that my earlier joy at how quickly and easily I’d managed to run 8k had been slightly misguided (I can be such a numpty sometimes)!

Today however, armed with the directions written on my hand, I finally ran 8k (for real this time – I checked!) and it actually wasn’t too bad. Considering I haven’t run more than around 5k in several years, I was slightly concerned that my body would just give up half way round… Luckily this didn’t happen and I managed to complete the distance in just under 45 minutes which I was pretty pleased with.

I’ve discovered that one of the benefits of running in the city as opposed to the countryside is that it is much harder to give up and start walking mid-run when you have an audience. I say audience, I realise that the majority of people probably don’t even notice me jogging past but it’s easy to feel like all eyes are on you when you’re puffing and panting your way along the pavement. However, rather than seeing this as a negative thing, I am now beginning to use the slightly self conscious feeling I get when jogging past a busy bus stop or the cluster of smokers who gather outside the tube station to my advantage.

In the past I have been a notorious giver-upper, often giving in to the temptation to allow myself a quick (/long) walking break when running starts to feel a bit too much like hard work. However, since starting training for this half marathon my tendency to give up seems to be behind me and I definitely think that I have the busy London streets to thank for this. The transition from countryside to city running has been interesting at times however I’m definitely starting to come around to it!

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