To Run or Not to Run

Every single morning that my 6.15am alarm goes off in order to alert me that it’s time to get up and go running, a mental battle begins. I spend a good five minutes weighing up the pros and cons of running, attempting to convince myself that I’ll actually go if I put off my run until after work (I wouldn’t) and trying to remember why on earth I thought signing up to run a half marathon was a good idea in the first place. I had been hoping that after a few weeks of morning runs, the process would get easier and that this internal debate would become a thing of the past, however I’m now beginning to accept that this is not going to be the case…

This morning was no different and I’m pretty sure that for the first 15 minutes or so I was running with my eyes shut… Not ideal when you’re running along a street filled with commuters, rushing to catch the tube and paying little attention to wayward runners! Despite the slightly rocky start, I went on to run 5.5k which is the furthest I have run since starting my training so was pretty pleased with myself when I got home. The feeling of getting in after a successful run is brilliant and the pain of dragging your body out of bed when you’re just so cosy quickly becomes a distant memory. I also find myself in a much better mood after I’ve been running, safe in the knowledge that even if the rest of the day isn’t the greatest, at least I’ve already achieved something (albeit small) before I’ve even had breakfast!

So far, the pro-running argument has always triumphed over anti-running (although it’s been a close call at times) but the battle isn’t showing any signs of coming to an end. For now, articles such as this one are helping strengthen my argument for parting from my beloved bed in favour of pounding pavements. Fingers crossed, the pro-running internal voice will one day defeat the anti-running one for good.

Rosie x


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