Breakfast of the Week

Blueberries, natural yogurt and muesli make for a healthy and delicious breakfast

Anyone that knows me will know that I adore breakfast (how can you not love a meal which in my eyes is basically desert that you don’t have to feel guilty about!?… Ok… just me then!!) and have a habit of eating ‘breakfast foods’ for every meal of the day. As well as being delicious, breakfast is also essential for kick starting your metabolism, boosting energy and ensuring that you don’t end up snacking later on in the day.

I am also big on trying to convert my non-breakfast eating friends to my way of thinking, which they obviously don’t find annoying at all… It always surprises me how many people don’t eat breakfast as I genuinely don’t think I would function without it!

Anyway, this blog seems like the perfect platform for me to share with the world (slash anyone who inadvertently stumbles upon this page) a few of my favourite healthy and nutritious breakfast meals. And if I manage to convince even one person to give up their breakfast skipping ways, I’ll have achieved my goal!

 1) Muesli, Natural Yogurt & Blueberries

One of my personal favourite healthy breakfast treats; blueberries, muesli and natural yogurt provide the perfect combination to keep me energised all morning after an early running session. This was definitely required this morning after my first 5k run since my weekend away reuniting with my university gang. As you can probably imagine, the weekend was spent largely drinking, being merry and consuming a whole lot of food… I’ll have to make sure this week’s training makes up for it!

Healthy breakfast: Natural yogurt, blueberries and muesli


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