From Devon to London

I’ve decided to start this blog as I’ve just made the drastic decision to sign up for the Bristol half marathon in September. Although this won’t be my first half marathon (I ran the New Forest half marathon in 2010), the prospect does slightly terrify me. It’s not so much the actual event that scares me, I actually found my last half marathon quite enjoyable (well, until the last couple of miles but I’m trying to block that memory from my mind for now!) What really makes me nervous is training for the event.

One of the most vivid memories I have of training for the New Forest half marathon is my Dad, who I recruited as my unofficial trainer, shouting at me to “keep running!” following my teary announcement that I couldn’t keep going after having only run a mile or so… As I don’t have my Dad on hand to motivate me this time round (my previous training took place in the Devonshire countryside where I grew up… this time I will be training in my new home of East London – slightly less picturesque!), I have decided to start this blog in the hope that it will give me some focus and prevent me from giving up after my first ‘long run’.

I have recently got back in to running after around a year of doing zero exercise. I had been put off since moving to London last year, mainly if I’m honest, because the thought of running in the city terrified me a little. However, after having lived here a year, I have finally decided that enough is enough and I can’t keep using the excuse of ‘it’s too scary’ (I’m from the country ok!’) to avoid running anymore.

Three weeks in and I’ve managed a few 20-30 minute runs, each of which has incorporated the route to and from Tesco as despite me having lived in my current house for around 9 months, I still have minimal knowledge of the surrounding area! I think I’m going to have to make my first challenge planning a route which doesn’t revolve around my local supermarket… Wish me luck!

Rosie x


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